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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Car insurance – price you have to pay

There is a rule, if you are looking to pay it less than you should, you’re probably going to pay it much more in the end.

This rule can be applied for everything in the life, and car insurance is not the exception.

If you buy a car, you have to buy a proper insurance for that car, and that’s a fact. If you are looking to save the money on car insurance, you will probably end up paying much more for some small repair. If you bought a sports car or a car with strong engine or maybe an old car, you may expect you will pay a lot for the insurance.

One part of the insurance price will set the insurance company, and the other part will set the car owner.

Insurance company will evaluate your car, your age and car age, your driving history, if you have had some traffic accidents and many other factors. According to these factors they will see the price for the required insurance. After that you can choose if you want to pay over this required insurance. Once the insurance company give you their price it’s hard to decide to pay over that, but you should, especially if you are driving some special car.

You can get different levels of the car insurance. You have to chose what level of the car insurance you will take.

In different countries there are different traffic and insurance laws, we can’t explain all of them. We will talk about typical things for all countries related to the car insurance.

First you have injured party, this applies on the medical payments. This is the required part of the insurance. There are some limits but in the most cases you can chose how much you are going to pay for this part of the car insurance. If you pay less, your car insurance will not cover some more complicated surgeries, and you will be left with large hospital bill. If you have life or a health insurance maybe you don’t have to pay much for this part of a policy.

After that you have car insurance against physical damage caused by accidence. This is important don’t save money on this insurance. Car repair can cost you a lot, much more than insurance policy, don’t risk. Sometimes if you are buying a car through the bank credit or a leasing you will be obligated to buy full insurance against physical damage.

There are more levels but these are the common ones.

You have to think about car insurance when you are buying a car, otherwise you may end up having no money to pay for an insurance

You have to choose car insurance carefully, and also you have to choose the insurance company carefully too.

The easiest way is to buy insurance from the company with tradition in selling car insurance. Usually, these kinds of companies are expensive. You can try finding some other company, the one that’s not so expensive. If you are lucky you may buy same policy for less money.  It’s up to you to choose.

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