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Monday, May 13, 2013

State Farm lists top 10 states for hail and wind damage

Texas tops the list of states with the most State Farm insurance claims last year for hail and wind losses, according to an analysis by the insurer.

Damage from wind and hail cost State Farm and its policyholders more than $3.9 billion in 2012. The states with the most losses were:

Texas, 47,000 claims.Illinois, 41,000 claims.New York, 34,000 claims.Ohio, 31,000 claims.Missouri, 25,000 claims.Tennessee, 24,000 claims.Indiana, 23,000 claims.New Jersey, 23,000 claims.Kentucky, 22,000 claims.Colorado, 16,000 claims.An interactive map showing how all 50 states compare for the four most common insurance claims at home is available on State Farm's website.

To prevent hail damage, State Farm advises to pull cars, boats, RVs, lawn and patio furniture to a covered area if weather conditions are prime for hail storms. When building or remodeling, homeowners should consider impact-resistant roofing. State Farm offers insurance premium discounts to homes with qualifying impact-resistant roofing products in 26 states.

The insurer offers these tips if damage occurs:

Contact your insurance company to understand the claims process and how covered repairs will be handled.Choose a reputable, licensed or bonded roofing contractor. Ask for references.Contact the Better Business Bureau or National Roofing Contractors Association for help with locating a contractor.Beware of people who visit without an appointment and say they represent your insurance company. Ask for identification and contact your insurer before allowing access.


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